The Galleries Shopping Centre is a shopping mall situated in the Broadmead shopping centre in Bristol city centre. Originally opened in 1991, it is home to some 71 stores and services. Adroit Controls have recently been contracted to perform an extensive upgrade of the Building Management System which provides monitoring and controls for many parts of the building including:

  • Mall Ventilation systems.
  • Fire Alarm interfacing.
  • Smoke clearance controls.
  • Car Park air quality control.
  • Loading Dock ventilation control.
  • Landlord area heating and cooling.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Extensive utility metering including automated tenant electricity billing.

To leverage modern BMS features and security standards, the system was redesigned from the ground up. This included the installation of a dedicated fibre IT network; utilising industry standard IT equipment; a RAID IT server with secure remote internet connectivity and the latest Tridium JACE controllers.

Tenant electricity billing is a large task for the Centre Management team, and by utilising both existing and newly installed technologies, we were able to implement a system to collect accurate consumption data and automatically export usage to a remote eSight M&T server. This data is available to view via any web browser on any device from anywhere via the Internet. Quarterly billing is now automated, with invoice generation available at the click of a mouse.

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“Professional and efficient service with an added personal touch. We would highly recommend Adroit Controls”

Nancy Painter - Operations Manager, The Galleries

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