BMS maintenance ensures optimum energy efficiency & comfort levels in your facility.

System component failures lead to control systems being bypassed or overridden, leading to energy consuming plants being operated unnecessarily and inefficiently. Regular performance-based maintenance can identify these failures and rectify them, minimising downtime and plant override scenarios. Working alongside your facilities team, we aim to assist and educate in how a healthy Building Management System is key to an efficient reliable building.

By combining site-based checks with optional remote services, as well as a rapid reactive service and the ability to action repairs, the BMS can be maintained to provide optimum energy efficiency and comfort levels in your facility.

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Unlike many BMS companies support offerings, we believe that the fundamental elements of the system are key to an efficient system. Sensor and final control element accuracy are therefore of vital importance, as well as energy metering integrity.

BMS Support & Maintenance services we offer

  • Sensor calibration checks
  • PID control loop tuning
  • Control valve re-stroking and characteristic performance checks
  • Inverter performance tuning
  • Electrical control panel integrity checks
  • Utility meter verification checks
  • Logged data integrity checks
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