If you can measure energy, you can monitor it; if you can monitor energy then you can manage it.

Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) is essential in today’s businesses. Energy is often a business’s third largest expenditure, yet the one that is often the most ignored.

Energy monitoring and targeting is recognised worldwide as a proven methodology that can effectively help businesses to manage energy and achieve energy efficiency.

The better the metering system, the more detailed the energy monitoring can be. The more efficient the sub metering within a building, the more effective the M&T can be. Enabling users to monitor each portion of their business’s energy use enables inefficiencies to be identified, and targeted action to be taken. This leads to a reduction in consumption, leading to increased profits and reductions in Carbon dioxide.

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At Adroit Controls, we have the expertise to leverage the power of the BMS to extract this data and use it to identify these inefficient areas. Our vast experience in the industry enables us to guide and advise customers on how best to interpret the data in simple, understandable metrics.

Another use of M&T systems is to establish energy benchmark profiles for a building. This can then be used to generate energy exception alarms to alert customers of excess energy use outside of controlled parameters as soon as they occur. This will allow immediate action to be taken to highlight overridden plant running when not required, or alert staff to a potential plant failures.

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